SACRAMENTO, California —

As Sacramento continues to expand, new hotels continue to crop up, but this one is a little different than others.

The city received a building plan on Aug. 16, 2019, for a hotel that would have an Airbnb style of checking-in.

In what is currently a vacant lot, 3N Realty Advisors would like to build a 6-story hotel with 19 rental units. The proposed hotel, 14 I Hotel,  would be located at 826 14th St., just a few blocks away from the SAFE Credit Union Convention and Performing Arts District.

3N Realty Advisors’ plan stated that the hotel operations would function as an Airbnb. An Airbnb spokesperson said the company is not working on this project and that the hotel is not a new concept.

“There are boutique hotels that do bookings on the platform,” Airbnb said.

Down at the Freeport Wine Country Inn, guests can book their stay through Airbnb’s platform or through the inn directly. This is just as the new hotel’s proposal describes.

“Interested patrons will contact the owner or his representative directly or through the use of an Air B and B website to initiate and reserve their desired rental unit,” 3N Realty Advisors’ building application stated.

3N Realty Advisors planned to have the hotel have a check-in that is similar to many Airbnb listings as opposed to a traditional hotel with a self-check-in method. Guests would be given a code to a lockbox to check in to the room.

The stay at the proposed 14 I Hotel would be similar to Airbnb, where most of the owner-guest interaction is done before the guest arrives at their stay.

The new hotel is just a proposal and there is not an expected completion date.


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