SACRAMENTO, Calif. — For the first time since Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan was shot and killed, her family made a public appearance at a press conference held at the department’s headquarters, Tuesday.

“Tara wanted to do nothing more than be a police officer,” said Tara’s father, Denis O’Sullivan. “Specifically, she wanted to serve as a police officer in Sacramento for the Sacramento Police Department.”

Denis talked about his daughter’s love for the city of Sacramento after moving from Martinez, California, to attend Sacramento State University.

“She immediately found an unwavering love for everything this city has to offer: this diversity, the waterways, the people, the restaurants, and the energy and excitement,” said Denis.

The East Bay native graduated from Sac State in May 2018 and joined the Sacramento Police Academy in July 2018.

On June 19, 2019, the rookie officer died doing what she loved to do – helping people. Tara was helping a woman gather her belongings during a domestic disturbance call when she was shot.

“The notion that anyone in the Sacramento Police Department is responsible for this senseless murder of Tara is extremely offensive and hurtful,” added Denis. “The loss of our daughter falls on one person’s shoulders."

Her alleged shooter, Adel Sambrano Ramos, is being charged with murder, attempted, murder, and possessing two illegal assault rifles.

"In no way will we ever place blame on any of the officers who displayed such professionalism and courage during this tragedy,” Denis said.

Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn asked the community to show Tara and her family the same love she showed the city of Sacramento.

“Come to the memorial or line every inch of the procession,” Hahn said. “It’s the very least we can do for this family and for Tara.”

Tara's memorial will take place at Bayside Church Adventure Campus on Thursday, June 27 at 10 a.m.

The procession will leave Bayside Church, get onto the freeway and take the Marysville exit, go south on Marysville to do a lap around the station that O'Sullivan worked out of - located at 3550 Marysville Blvd - then go eastbound on Arcade to get back on the 80 Business Loop and finish the drive to Elk Grove.

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