Thousands of people in Sacramento have hit the streets looking for Pokémon.

Rick Mears wanted to share the Pokémon Go experience with his friends, so he created an event on Facebook.

“It has a really cool social experience with it and it has you go out and go places and connect with friends,” Mears said.

But that event quickly became a big hit on social media.

“It was almost a thousand people an hour,” Mears said. “It just kept growing and growing.”

When more than 6,000 people expressed interest in the event, Mears pumped the brakes.

“I was worried [about] disturbing the peace,” Mears said. “I checked with the county and there are some specific ordinance for events like these.”

If a special event meets the definition, like if anticipated attendance will be greater than 200, then the organizer must submit a special events permit application, according to the City of Sacramento. That application must be submitted at least 60 days before the event.

“I just didn’t have the time to do that or the capital,” Mears said.

While that event has officially been canceled, another event is still going strong and the search for these Pokémon is still going strong.

“We want to bring everyone here and the community that we have,” said Joseph Gutierrez

Gutierrez’s event had more than 1,100 Facebook users saying they plan to attend the Sacramento Pokémon Pub Crawl scheduled for July 23.

“Right now as a country, we just need to have some fun,” Gutierrez said.