Robert Paylor is back home for a few days and thanking people personally for all their support.

Paylor, a Cal rugby player and former Jesuit High School student, suffered a spinal cord injury during the national rugby championships in May.

"The moment I was injured I couldn't feel anything below my neck which is terrifying and then I remember I could move my wrist," Paylor said.

Sunday night he came home to a welcome party of family and fellow rugby friends after going through weeks of therapy in Colorado.

"It's awesome," Paylor said. "I've been in the hospital for 16 weeks and I went through a lot of rough times and a lot of good times through all those rough times these people are the ones that have been helping me keep it together."

Therapy is his full-time job. He spends on average seven to eight hours trying to regain mobility and strength.

A lot of people have been following his recovery through his Go Fund Me page which gets comments from people worldwide.

"Robert is not difficult to get behind," said Jennifer Douglas who helped set up the Go Fund Me page. "If you ever wanted someone to win an incredibly tough battle it's Robert."

In addition to donations, the family has also received help from people to renovate their home to make it easier for Robert to get around.

"It was everybody," Jeff Paylor said. "You hear the phrase it takes a village. We're in a good village and that affects us and we thank God everyday."