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Sacramento Zoo announces pregnant Giraffe on World Giraffe Day

A Masai giraffe named Shani is expecting what will be the 21st calf born at the zoo since 1964.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento Zoo announced Tuesday morning on World Giraffe Day that one of its giraffes is expecting this summer.

A Masai giraffe named Shani is pregnant with what will be the 21st calf born at the zoo since 1964.

The announcement comes from the celebration of World Giraffe day on June 21, which according to the Sacramento Zoo celebrates the world’s tallest animal on the longest day of the year — the summer solstice.

World Giraffe Day celebrates supporting conservation and awareness of the vulnerable species, and the Sacramento Zoo is celebrating its newest addition to its herd.

Giraffes have a 15-month pregnancy term and birth calves typically 6 feet tall and over 140 pounds, according to the Sacramento Zoo.

Shani’s calf is due later this summer and will be the giraffe’s second born. 

More facts about World Giraffe Day and conservation efforts have been shared on the Sacramento Zoo’s website.


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