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Sacramento State event 'Zoom bombed' with racist slurs

In a message to students, President Robert Nelson said a Zoom chat was filled with racist slurs toward the end of "Sac State's Got Talent."

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento State University is condemning the behavior of two people that posted racial slurs in a virtual university chat room.

In a message to students, Robert Nelson, university president, said the incident happened back on Dec. 3 toward the end of "Sacramento State's Got Talent," a virtual event. He said it was unacceptable that the posters were able to use fake credentials and that using the "N***word" in the chat room was "abominable."

"In any and all cases, we condemn the perpetrators and their postings," Nelson said.

The university tried to figure out who was involved, but Nelson said those efforts came up empty. Officials weren't able to figure out who made the posts or figure out if the posters were members of the Sacramento State community.

"Sacramento State condemns the hateful, racist comments that were posted, and we must come together, as a caring campus, to support one another when faced with this type, or any type of racism," Nelson said.

He said the university has to continue with Sacramento State's Antiracist Initiative and that the related committees have to provide something actionable to keep these types of incidents from happening in the future.

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