SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento and Northern California was walloped Wednesday with a large and long-lasting winter storm. The storm brought rain, snow and strong winds.  

This storm tapped into some very wet air, originating from the sub-tropics and greatly enhanced our rainfall totals in the area, as well as raising temps for a mid-winter storm. Snow turned to rain high in the Sierra and created a sloppy mess.

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In the Valley, some daily rainfall records were crushed. For Sacramento at the Executive Airport, the National Weather Service recorded 2.11" of rain for the Wednesday, Feb. 13. The previous record was 1.22", set back in 1979. For the downtown Sacramento location, 1.93" of rain was observed, breaking the old record set nearly 100 years ago, in 1926.

It was the same story at the coast with San Francisco recording more than 2" of rain and over the east side of the Sierra, Reno saw 0.74" of rain. Many locations saw much more rain, but record keeping requires certain calibrated equipment and is most often found at airports.

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