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Rapid Ramen company gets deal with Top Ramen

If you sit down with Rapid Brands CEO Chris Johnson, you'll hear one word continue to pop up: blessing.

If you sit down with Rapid Brands CEO Chris Johnson, you’ll hear one word continue to pop up: blessing.

Since Johnson’s company skyrocketed to success on the ABC show “Shark Tank” three years ago, the Sacramento-based entrepreneur says he’s learned to appreciate every step. The show gave Rapid Brands’ microwave ramen cooker “Rapid Ramen” a huge boost. But Johnson says the lift in sales was temporary.

“That’s where that work ethic comes in. You got to continue to build this without the exposure, without the 10 to 15 million viewers,” Johnson said.

Work ethic, faith, and counting blessings. Johnson, a Florin High School graduate, keeps what he calls a “gratitude wall” in his office covered in photos of landmark moments.

“This was really cool. I surprised my dad with a new car. He’s been my rock, my idol, so being able to do that for him was a tremendous blessing for me,” Johnson said, pointing to one of the photos on the wall.

Near the gratitude wall is a door covered in Post-It notes. Johnson says the notes are meant to inspire him.
On one note, he wrote, “Ignore the temporary.”

“There’s problems that happen in your business and your life, but they’re only temporary,” Johnson explained. “They’re only pages in a book where you know the ending of the chapter, and you’re going to win.”

A deal with the original maker of instant ramen noodles, Top Ramen, gets Johnson closer to a big win. Top Ramen-branded “Rapid Ramen” cookers will now be sold on shelves right next to Top Ramen noodle packets.

“That’s a pinch moment. That you sell a ramen cooker, and you partner with the biggest ramen company in the world. That’s like if you’re a shoe company and you have a deal with Nike,” Johnsons aid.

Johnson anticipates that the Top Ramen-branded cookers will lead to $100 million in sales. With 12 other rapid microwave cookers already rolled out, Johnson is looking forward to the day when there’s a Rapid Brands cooker in every U.S. home.

“When we do that we’ll be a billion-dollar company,” Johnson said.

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