SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A Land Park restaurant is encouraging customers to take a break from their phones while they eat.

Those who choose to take part in the challenge are asked to put their phones in a red basket on their table while they eat. The rules are simple, keep your phone in the basket until you're done.

Whoever touches their phone first, buys, but customers can take the challenge as serious as they want. If you make it to the end of dinner without touching your phone, you’ll even get one of Dad’s Kitchen’s famous red velvet cookies for free.

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The manager of Dad’s Kitchen in Land Park, Ernesto Ortiz, says it’s a way to bring friends and families closer together.

“You just see the families just talking and conversating, and not even paying attention to their phone,” Ortiz said. “Which was the goal. And it just brings more emotion I could say when your dining with your family and friends and you don’t even worry about your phone.”

The challenge is held a couple of times each year. This months challenge ends on February 24 at Dad’s Kitchen – But you can always do the challenge at meal-time by simply putting your phone down or turning it off.

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