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Here are Sacramento's new rules for e-bikes and scooters in 2022

City officials say the new rules are an effective way to help reduce the scooters and bikes from blocking sidewalks.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Anyone cruising through Sacramento on an e-bike or scooter will have some new rules to heed in 2022.

The bikes and scooters impacted are part of ride-sharing programs. Generally, people can pay to borrow these bikes and ride them around town. However, city officials say the rideshare program has caused some issues with people leaving bikes in areas where they are blocking sidewalks.

It's led to some new rules impacting where ridesharers can leave that bike or scooter when they're done using them.

“We hear from many folks about shared-rideables not being parked properly and blocking sidewalks and accessible paths of travel,” said Transportation Planning Manager Jennifer Donlon Wyant. “Shared scooters are now required to have locks on them to ensure they are safely out the public right of way. The same goes for shared bicycles. Data from other cities shows this is an effective way to reduce blocked sidewalks.“

In general, the riders will have to lock rented scooters and bikes to bike racks or to the scooter or bike itself in specific drop zones throughout the city. There are 35 drop zones throughout Sacramento with more than 7,000 bike-parking spaces. 

The city charges operators $15 for each bike or scooter blocking sidewalks or ramps. That charge is required to be passed onto the riders from the company.

For a look at drop zones in the city, view the map below.

A list of new rules is available below:

  • Lock scooters and bikes to bike racks.
  • Lock the vehicle to itself in identified drop zones.
  • Don’t lock shared-rideables to benches, sign poles, fire hydrants or anything that is not a bike rack.


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