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City council passes resolution redefining public safety in Sacramento

The resolution, unanimously passed Tuesday night, allocates funds to combat violence.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento City Council unanimously voted yes on a public safety resolution, but what exactly does this mean for Sacramento going forward?

Well for one, the city will allocate money, out of their public safety funds, to be spent on community-based programs and youth programs to help combat street violence. This will help create an alternative plan for non-emergency responses. For example, if there's a call regarding an individual who may be suffering from a mental illness, instead of sending the police, there will be a community member or mental health professional that can assist at the scene.

Also, this resolution will redefine what we know as public safety — police, fire, and medical response — and will now include youth-prevention services and other community outreach programs.

Ultimately the goal of this resolution is to create a place where kids and the community feel safer.

"Public safety is a lot more than just police and fire," Darrell Steinberg said. "It's about investing in our communities, our disadvantaged communities. It's about having a regular source of funding for young people and for what we call inclusive economic development."

Steinberg went on to say the council took a bold stand that will benefit the city "for many years and decades to come."

"The city is committed to expanding its definition of what it considers to be its core responsibilities," Steinberg said.


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