On Monday, Sac Metro Fire responded to three vegetation fires. Sacramento Fire Department responded to four.

The first fire Sac Metro Fire responded to was about 10:30 a.m. It started when someone was mowing their lawn on Cresthill Drive.

"At 10:30 [a.m.] we're already having drying conditions," said Chris Vestal with Sac Metro Fire. "The fuels are already pre-heating so as soon as you introduce a simple spark, whether that's a simple blade on a mower or weed eater or some kind of spark from exhaust or spark from a firework, most likely you're gonna cause a fire in these light grassy fuels we have."

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At about 2 p.m., Sac Metro Fire responded to another fire believed to be caused by fireworks on Bar Du Lane and Rogers Road. The owner of the property, Bill Thompson, said someone he didn't know was on his property setting them off.

Right after fire crews finished putting out the fire on Thompson's property, another fire started a few miles away after a car crash. The fire spread to the field on Florin Road and Excelsior Road.

"When you're driving, make sure your vehicle is well maintained," Vestal said. "That goes from the chains on your trailer make sure those aren't dragging. Make sure your breaks are in working order and make sure your exhaust is current and that basically, your vehicle is in working order."

He says because of the so-called "milder" temperatures fire danger may not be on people's minds, but it should.

"We actually see a lot of fire behavior when we have these relatively mild conditions and some of us believe it's because of the complacency because it is cooler, they're less likely to cause a fire. But the reality is because of that complacency people aren't as careful," Vestal said.

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