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How the Sacramento area is celebrating the 4th of July

The common theme for people this Fourth of July? Food and freedom.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — This Fourth of July, you didn’t have to travel very far to find Americans of all ages and backgrounds celebrating Independence Day.  

The Pavilions were bustling at Rusch Community Park in Citrus Heights.

"Everyone’s catching up, and I’m expecting my baby so everyone is touching my belly," said Kylee Lush, as she celebrated the holiday with her family.

"I’m half Filipino, half American and so our Filipino side of the family brought a lot of really yummy, tasty foods, and we get to celebrate with the other side that brings like, you know, American pies and all that stuff," she said.

Over in Oak Park, on the the corner of McClatchy Park, Roberta Lytell offered some of her marketing talents to her friend's watermelon truck. 

"It's a day of independence where people gather and just enjoy the different foods," she said.

Betty Green and the parishioners of St. Anne Catholic Church in Meadowview. decided to have a little barbecue for the holiday. They shared some bbq lamb, chicken, oysters and even a few laugh. Many of the parishioners are recent immigrants from Tonga in the South Pacific. 

Regardless of where you went, food and freedom was likely the common theme for this Fourth of July.



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