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Sacramento area businesses impacted by latest stay-at-home order

Local businesses are feeling the punch after the first weekend of the Greater Sacramento Area’s latest stay-at-home order taking effect.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The restrictions meant to slow the spread of coronavirus are making it hard for businesses to stay open. Several area businesses decided to temporarily close until restrictions ease or until there is more certainty.

Restaurants in the Greater Sacramento region are not allowed to open for in-person dining. James Morgan, an owner of Morgan’s Mill, a downtown coffee shop, decided to close on Sunday for the immediate future.

“A complete shutdown just kind of robs us of our ability to make any money,” Morgan said.

The decision was meant to help the business stay afloat in the long-term. Morgan’s Mill in Sacramento opened on June 1 amid pandemic restrictions. The business struggled to survive ever since not qualifying for federal aid.

Brooke Murillo is also making the move to temporarily close her restaurant, Tapa the World, saying it will cost more to stay open than to close.

“No matter what revenue you’re going to be able to bring in, it’s not going to be able to cover those costs,” Murillo said.

The restrictions are having a trickle effect. Retail stores can open if they limit the number of customers inside, but with fewer people eating at restaurants, Midtown art and gift shop owner David Garcia said there is an impact on his business.

Some small business owners said they feel they’re bearing the blame for rising coronavirus numbers despite health officials pointing many new infections to Thanksgiving and at-home gatherings. They feel they can open safely.

“Easing the restrictions is the best option and allowing for people to make their own choices,” Morgan said.

The latest regional lockdown in Sacramento was triggered when ICU availability in the 13 county region fell below 15 percent. It will remain in effect for at least three weeks and until more ICU beds at area hospitals open up. 

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