SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Images of gravestones knocked over, smashed to pieces, and graffiti written across other tombstones are not the kind of sight that you'd expect to see at the cemetery, but that was the sight at the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery.

"Both of my grandparents are buried at the city cemetery, Margaret and Charles Turner, so to find out that their final resting place had been vandalized felt like a personal attack on my family," said Evie Turner.

The resting places of Turner's grandparents were vandalized along with other gravestones after the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery was vandalized last week. Gravestones that belonged to the firefighters from the 1800s were also vandalized. 

Many people were outraged with the vandalism, especially those like Turner whose family members were laid to rest there.

"My grandfather was a local police officer in Fort Bragg, and we have roots here in Sacramento," Turner said. "This is where our family was raised and where we grew up. To have someone personally attack that and vandalize our history was a big trauma to our family."

The Sacramento city manager estimates that the vandalized property will cost around $6,000 to $8,000 to repair. At this time, no suspects have been named in regards to the vandalism.

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