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Sacramento cracks top 100 for safest cities in America

Other Northern California cities that made the list are San Francisco, Modesto, and Stockton.

The city of Sacramento barely cracked the top 100 for 2019's safest cities in America, according to a Wallethub report released this week. 

Wallethub conducted a survey of the safest cities in America, factoring in key indicators like road safety, unemployment rate, and assaults. Sacramento cracked the top 100 coming in at number 98 out of 182 cities for overall safety and number 57 for financial safety. The survey ranked cities by home and community safety, natural disaster risk, and financial risk. 

Other Northern California cities that ranked in the top 100 with Sacramento include Santa Rosa, Fremont, and San Jose.

Meanwhile, San Francisco ranked in the top 20 for financial safety, which makes sense since San Francisco also ranks in the top five for lowest unemployment rate. However, the city by the bay comes in at #145 in overall safety with Stockton following as 146.

Numbers for Sacramento (out of 182)

Overall safety: 98

Home & Community Safety: 105

Natural Disaster Risk: 119

Financial Safety: 57

One category that Sacramento did not fair well in is the natural disaster risk category. In fact, some of the worst cities for natural disaster risk are in California. Seventeen out of the 20 worst cities at risk of natural disasters are in the Golden State. 


So, what's the safest city in California? The first California city to enter the list is Irvine in Southern California at number 29.

Credit: Wallethub

Here are other facts about safety in America:

New York, N.Y. comes in at number one with the fewest traffic fatalities per capita, with San Francisco in second place.This makes sense since New York is number two for most law enforcement employees per capita, just behind Washington, DC. 

Looking for employment? Drive down I-5 and check out Stockton for jobs as it ranks as the third in the country with the highest unemployment rate. 



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