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Sacramento among top 10 worst cities nationwide for dating during pandemic

Apparently dating in Sacramento really is that bad, according to some surveys, and the coronavirus pandemic hasn't really helped.

CALIFORNIA, USA — While Sacramento hasn't quite gone from bad to worse, it still seems to rank among the bottom of the pack nationwide when it comes to dating and the coronavirus pandemic isn't helping, according to a new survey from Apartment List.

Sacramento already had the dubious distinction of being among the worst cities for dating in the country, so the loss of indoor dining, movies, and concerts hasn't done much to help the city's standing. Apartment List's latest report ranked Sacramento #31 out of 40 for dater satisfaction. It's a smaller pool of cities than in 2019 and early 2020. Sacramento was #72 out of 86 earlier in the year and #56 out of 66 in 2019. 

It's still a slight improvement, but not one that could pull Sacramento out of the bottom 10.

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With traditional dating routines like movies, indoor dining, and concerts mostly out the window for most of the year, it's understandably a little harder than usual to meet people and go on dates.

"Dating is hard enough — but throw in a pandemic, where close proximity and physical affection with pseudo-strangers is severely frowned upon, and you’re dealing with a whole new ball game," the report said.

It's not all bad news for Sacramento though. We beat Riverside again, and now we can even add San Jose to the list.

  • 31 - Sacramento
  • 34 - San Jose
  • 37 - Riverside

Based on the data from the report, you'd be better off heading south toward San Diego, where the city once again sat comfortably near the top of the list. This time it was at #7. 

Other metros like San Francisco or Los Angeles also made the list, but they fell closer to the middle of the pack.

  • #7 - San Diego
  • #15 - San Francisco
  • #20 - Los Angeles
  • #31 - Sacramento
  • #34 - San Jose
  • #37 - Riverside

The top three cities nationwide for dating were Austin, Texas; Boston; and Virginia Beach, Va.

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