SACRAMENTO, Calif. — With this week's storm bringing heavy rains and even stronger winds, creeks and rivers are rising and some widespread flooding has already happened.

Days and nights like these are some of the busiest for firefighters. ABC10 got a look inside the work of Sac Metro Fire during one of the storm's toughest nights.

"We're responding to whole range of hazards," said Sac Metro Fire spokesperson Chris Vestal. "We're thinking about trees falling down, branches being blown into homes, and also vehicle accidents."

Vestal said in the last few storms, Sac Metro Fire was busy responding to damaged power lines or blown transformers, both of which could result in fires.

One of the first calls we got while out with Sac Metro Fire was a vehicle stuck on a flooded road by Kiefer Boulevard.

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"I have a four-passenger Tahoe and it wouldn't be able to make it through this," Vestal said. "A lot of people think they have four-wheel drive and they can go through. You don't need four-wheel drive. You need clearance."

According to Vestal, four inches of water is enough to elevate a car.

Sac Metro Fire also responded to a car crash, possibly weather-related, because of the slippery roads. As part of the initial investigation, the driver of one car was said to have trouble stopping. 

There was a lull in the weather in the evening for a few hours with barely any wind or rain. Some of the calls that came in during the lull were medical-related, then the rain picked back up.

In the backyard of someone's home, a transformer caught fire.

While the few hours ABC10 spent with Vestal Wednesday night was relatively slow, he says they'll likely get more calls when the rain and wind pick up throughout the night.

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