On any given night there are more than 2,600 people that are experiencing homeless in Sacramento County. This issue has become one of the staples of the new Mayor Darrell Steinberg's platform.

On Tuesday, Mayor Steinberg announced he would bring millions of dollars to the city in a push to help those that need it the most.

During the public announcement, city officials cheered and yelled, "Today is a great day to be in Sacramento."

The excitement was over the Whole Person Care Pilot (WPC). This is a project to provide supportive services to homeless and at risk people living in Sacramento.

"We're going to have three years and $64 million to implement this program," Mayor Steinberg said.

The huge amount of money is made up of $32 million from the city and healthcare providers. The federal government will match the other $32 million.

"It is assertive outreach, case management and public housing. We haven't had the capacity on any front," Mayor Steinberg said. "We didn't have the money to do this right and now we have the money lets get at it."

WPC will be a waiver program for MediCal patients. It will get them out of ERs and into the appropriate treatment. This money will also aid in case management, transportation, behavioral health, housing and outreach. WPC is set to operate from January 2018 to December 2020.

"We're going to be able to access 6,800 people and we're going to actually enroll 3,250 people. We will at least get 1,600 people into housing but I say 2,000 because we got to stretch," Mayor Steinberg explained.

But the mayor said the success will be in consistency and preventing homelessness from re-occurring. A battle the Downtown Sacramento Partnership Executive Director Michael Alt said will be beneficial to business owners.

ABC10's Anne Di Grazia went down to Cesar Chavez Park across the street from city hall where a lot of homeless people congregate. She asked homeless locals what they thought about the plan and only one woman would talk.

Denise Fleming was said she has been homeless for a year and had nothing but good things to say about the mayor and his plans to combat homelessness.

"That mayor is the only mayor I have seen that stood behind what he said," Fleming said. "He opened a warming center, he followed through with everything he said. We got to start somewhere, so far he has not let anyone down".

As for Denise, Tuesday was her last day being homeless. She said Wednesday she moves to transitional housing and hopes the WPC can help others like herself.