The homeless issue is so critical in Sacramento, city officials have turned to leaders in other cities to find answers.

A special delegation from Sacramento just returned from their day trip to Seattle where they visited three homeless camps.

Among the group were four Sacramento city council members, the city manager, and several homeless advocates.

Sacramento wants to consider adding sanctioned tent cities like the ones in Seattle.

Councilman Jay Schenirer said Seattle has had a successful solution for the homeless community for the past 17 years.

"Their homeless situation is actually far worse than ours. There are about 10 thousand people, 4 thousand of them are unsheltered," Schenirer said. "But, what they've done is create these tent encampments that are sanctioned, that have rules and regulations and are self-governed."

Schenirer explained that the people living there have temporary shelter.

"They move around so they are in one place for 90 days," he said. "They move to to another location after that."

.Mark Merin, a local attorney and homeless advocate told ABC10 that the next step is for the city of Sacramento to approve a permit for one or more tent cities.

After that, it's about finding and designating land for a tent city.

Delegation members will then need to meet with the communities affected to get their consent.

Some critics say helping the homeless is more than about finding space and that it's also about offering more services to take care of the homeless.