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Waymon Logan remembers a phone call in 1992 like it was yesterday.

"I got a call and it said this is the White House and caller ID was just starting. I thought this is a joke," Logan recalled. "I was getting recognition for doing stuff in the community at the time. Somebody wants to give me a plaque or certificate, but that's not what I'm doing this for and said this is the White House."

At the time, Logan started an organization called Dayspring Outreach, to help inner city youth. Someone must have nominated him for George H. W. Bush's "Thousand Points of Light."

"I got this call and they said, 'This is the White House again.' I said this really must be the White House and then finally they said 'you are one of the Thousand Points of Light'," Logan said.

Logan framed the letter from late President George H. W. Bush honoring him as the 1,002 point of light.

letter _1544164195298.png.jpg

After the news President George H. W. Bush passed away at the age of 94, Logan revisited the letter.

"I thought about him and what he stood for, and I read this, and when they were doing the eulogy, and they were saying the words that are in this, my my my. It makes you want to step up and do even more and makes you realize what this country is founded on," Logan said.

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What's written in the letter is what Logan strives for with his charity work in the community.

"We need to be doing that. We have the haves and the have-nots and we need to help the have-nots and teach them to be better citizens," Logan said.

He is reminded his work is not done. Bush saw a light in Logan that will never go out.

"Somebody acknowledged what's in my heart, not in my wallet, but in my heart, and that's incredible," Logan said.

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