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WATCH: Sacramento man saves drowning kitten from flooded stream

The kitten is safe and dry now, but his name is still to be determined. The short list is "Floaty," "Cyclone," and "Bob."

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A Sacramento man forced his way through a flooded stream at Cottage Park to save a drowning kitten on the brink of death.

On Sunday, Skip Campbell and his wife were strolling through Cottage Park to check on the water levels in the area. During their stroll, his wife heard a faint meow in the distance before seeing something small that was floating away in the stream.

It was a little grey kitten, struggling to stay afloat in a stream that even the six foot tall Campbell described as strong. 

"It (the kitten) had traveled along for a couple feet before it was down a few inches underwater," Campbell said.

He sprang into action, wading through what he figures was about 3 1/2 feet of water. He got himself downstream of the kitten and was able to snatch him up and out of the water.

"I think I just lucked out on my guess on where it'd be by the time I got out to it," Campbell said.

"It (the kitten) was really tired. It didn't struggle at all. It was just kind of ready to be rescued, I suppose," he added.

The kitten is now dried off and safe at Campbell's home. 

Credit: Skip Campbell
A much drier and happier version of the kitten saved by Skip Campbell on Sunday at Cottage Park.

Campbell said the kitten is still pretty scared but calm nonetheless. Since Campbell already has his own feral cat that he previously rescued and raised, he's currently looking for someone who can give this kitten a good home. As of Monday, he said there was a potential home for it already.

Before that, he said that he'll spend time taming the kitten and getting it spayed and neutered.

A name is still to be determined, but Campbell does have a shortlist: "Floaty," "Cyclone," "Titan" and "Bob."

Watch video of the rescue below.


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