Sam Dhillon, 21, has been getting national attention for playing basketball at USC and running a multi-million dollar investment firm while studying to be a brain surgeon.

Dhillon is from the Sacramento area. He graduated from Inderkum High School in 2013, where he was student body president, captain of the varsity basketball team and valedictorian. On Friday, he visited his old stomping grounds for the first time since graduating.

"I was short my whole life! I came to Inderkum at 5'6" right?" Dhillon asked his former coach. "I was a little point guard."

Sam is now 6'8" and a one-of-a-kind success story to his former teachers, coaches and current students at Inderkum. Two current student-athletes just received $1,000 scholarships, thanks to Dhillon's non-profit, Deep Roots.

"I love to give back [and this was] the best way to do it, I feel like. My old stomping grounds,"Dhillon said. "[My foundation] is called Deep Roots for a reason. [I have deep roots] in Sacramento."

Since Sam's pulled up roots and moved to Los Angeles, he's walked onto the USC basketball team and passed the qualifying exam to start Quest Investment Firm, all while maintaining his studies as a Human Biology major.

Dhillon says he chose USC because of the location, medical program and the infamous "Trojan Family" connections.

"I'm one of the youngest guys in U.S. History to pass the [Series 65] exam," Dhillon said. "Now it's worth over $3.5, 4 million."

Dhillon's also hoping to find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease, something he's personally experienced through a grandparent.

And that's not all. Dhillon successfully co-founded the first mobile health clinic at USC, serving Compton and Skid Row in South LA, which now helps around 350 patients.

It takes discipline, hard work and sacrificing sleep to be Sam Dhillon. But underneath the long list of astounding accomplishments is a young man just trying to make a difference.

"I want to have a great lifestyle and make a change in the world," Dhillon said.

His dream? To own a mix of companies.

"I want to create a company. It's kind of crazy, bear with me," Dhillon said. "One side has Quest [Investment Firm]. The other has a hospital where I'm the chief neurosurgeon. So you could come in and get your health problems fixed up, get your finance problems fixed up in a one stop shop!"