Sacramento police are now actively investigating the death of Macey Wilson, the 6-week-old infant who died in foster care this spring.

Police responded to a south Sacramento foster home on May 7 and found Macey to be unresponsive. There were no immediate signs of foul play, and the case was referred to Child Protective Services and the coroner’s office.

Now the case is back with police. While the coroner deemed the cause of death to be “undetermined,” the autopsy raises new questions. The investigation showed inconsistencies with the foster family’s report that Macey was found dead in a car seat.

Police were not able to provide any details given the active nature of the investigation. But coroner Kimberly Gin confirmed that the coroner’s office only refers cases back to police when there are inconsistencies with previous reports.

Macey’s paternal grandmother, Tracey Rhodd, had been given custody initially due to Macey’s mother’s mental health issues. Rhodd’s son, Michael, is Macey’s father. But both he and Macey’s mother have struggled with homelessness. Macey was then taken from Rhodd and placed in foster care while CPS investigated Rhodd’s background.

In June, Rhodd told ABC10 News she believed the agency had concerns related to her violation of a restraining order more than a decade earlier. The case involved a woman having an affair with her husband at the time. However, in 2012, CPS granted Rhodd another grandchild.

“I believe that I would be able to give Macey the home and love she deserves. I would ensure she is safe and well taken care of,” Rhodd wrote in a letter to CPS. “I myself was raised by my grandmother. She was a very special person to me. I knew I could count on her whenever I needed someone. I want to be able to do that for Macey.”