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Sacramento Police Chief, Stevante Clark travel to Washington, D.C. for congressional panel on community policing

Stevante Clark traveled to our nation's capital with Police Chief Daniel Hahn for a congressional panel on bridging the gap between police and their communities.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Just last week, ABC10's Chris Thomas went back to the family home of Stephon Clark. Stephon's brother, Stevante, spoke to us for the first time about a new multi-million dollar settlement with the city following the police shooting of the 22-year-old father of two. 

Just days later, Stevante traveled to Washington, D.C. with Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn for a congressional panel on bridging the gap between police and the communities they serve. It was presented by the Sacramento Black Chamber of commerce. 

The chief is just back from DC, and ABC10 spoke with him in an exclusive conversation.

Chief Hahn: I think just the fact that we were there and talking about this topic probably surprised a few people. We want to move forward together regardless of how we came to know each other.

Chris Thomas: As you know, we spoke with Stevante last week before the trip, and one thing that Mr. Clark said was transparency without accountability means nothing to us. What are we going to do with transparency if we can't hold the guys who killed his brother accountable? Your response?

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Hahn: I don't blame them at all for feeling that way. What they went through is not something I'd wish upon anybody. But the decision to fire is ultimately mine and the city manager. I'm confident that we will make that judgment based on the facts and based on what the law and the polices are. But I don't blame the family for feeling that way at all. If I could bring Stephon back tomorrow I would.

Thomas: Talk about the timing for a decision on the fate of those officers?

Hahn: Folks in Sacramento can expect to see that hopefully relatively soon.

Thomas: Days? Weeks? Months?

Hahn: Relatively soon.

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