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Police review commission's recommendations head to Sacramento City Council

The presentation will reach the council on the April 13 council meeting.
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Sacramento City Council

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A slate of recommendations from the Sacramento Community Police Review Commission will reach City Council's ears on Tuesday.

Among the recommendations are calls to support change on federal and state levels, including removal of peace officer qualified immunity and allowing the state to decertify a peace officer for excessive use of force or other misconduct. 

The commission makes a presentation once a year. Once presented recommendations, the City Council will provide direction to staff on what the next steps would be.

The commission recommends hiring changes that would include a local criminal history record, statewide criminal history record and out-of-state history background checks, in other words, it'd be a background check that's not limited to the local area. Other elements include a review of an applicant's social media, requiring a four-year college degree within six years after joining the department, and rejecting applicants for hire if background investigations reveal a gross use of force or a pattern and practice of use of force.

In regard to discipline, the commission recommended adopting a zero-tolerance policy for certain offenses, like lying in a criminal investigation or police report and using a banned carotid restraint hold. A sustained finding translates to an officer losing their job.

Other recommendations included business cards with a name, badge number, and an 800 number for complaints that can be given out in pedestrian or traffic stops. The information would be given to the public, a detainee, or an arrestee and establish a website for a satisfaction survey. Another recommendation includes adding the names, sub-station and a short biography of command staff officers on the Sacramento Police Department website.

Some of the recommendations might already be in place at the Sacramento Police Department, but the commission is recommending that the department explicitly incorporate the items into their general orders to make sure its clear to the public.

A full list of recommendations is available HERE. For more information on how to join the council meeting virtually, click HERE.

The presentation will reach the council at the April 13 council meeting, which starts at 2 p.m.


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