"The truth was in the eyes of the staff. My partner, my buddy, my family had terminal cancer. This was a fight we would both not be walking away from."

When Sacramento Sergeant Joshua Dobson started his law enforcement career, he was told he would never experience the type of bond with an animal like the one shared between a police officer and K9.

They were right.

Sergeant Dobson and his partner in crime, K9 'Ace', have survived dangerous encounters together, like two shootings, but he never expected to deal with this type of situation.

The five-year-old dog was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hemangiosarcoma, a form of cancer.

"The doctor and vet technicians at VCA who have become like family to Ace (and the rest of our SacPD K9 team!) could not hide their emotions," Dobson said in a Facebook post on the Sacramento Police Canine Association page.

The hardest part for Dobson is knowing that after being fully recovered from his latest surgery, Ace doesn't have any clue about the incurable cancer inside him.

"All he wants to do is work, serve, play, and live with his family," Dobson said in the post.

Ace was diagnosed with possibly six months to live, and unfortunately, the treatments offered have no curable result.

"I was offered some very aggressive surgical and radiation treatments, each of which would give me a little more time with Ace, but he could not be cured and he would not be the same dog," Dobson said. "Each procedure would take a little piece away of the Ace I know and love."

Despite the heartbreak for everyone involved, the Dobson decided to let Ace work as long as he can; doing what he loves with the people he adores.