SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Chuck Nnodim is one of many riders who are trying to get acclimated to Sacramento Regional Transit's (SacRT) newly redesigned bus network that launched on Sunday.

"I got confused...honestly, I didn't know what bus to take...I usually take the 82, but I had to take the 87 today," said Nnodim, a student at Sacramento State.

SacRT decided to launch the new network in an effort to accommodate the growing needs of their riders. They have expanded their transit service to reach more places and have extended their service times. In addition, they will be running seven days a week.

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With new routes, new schedules, and new services, you can imagine the confusion. But the good news is that SacRT anticipated such confusion and has developed a plan to assist others.

"We have an online trip planner, so you can enter in where you are and where you're going and it will tell you exactly how to get there," said SacRT spokesperson Jessica Gonzalez. "We also have our call center, which has extended hours to assist people. We have all the resources there."

You will also find SacRT staff at most major stations to help riders navigate the new system.

To celebrate the launch of this service, SacRT is offering free rides through Wednesday.

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