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Sacramento residents have until Monday to place leaf piles in streets for the Claw

Residents who receive services from the City of Sacramento have until Monday, Jan. 23 to gather their final pile of leaves on the streets for pick up.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento's Recycling and Solid Waste Division continues to be swamped with clean-up efforts across the city since the break out of winter storms.

“We ask our customers to please be patient, as stormy weather tends to delay collections,” said Jesa David, Recycling and Solid Waste Division spokesperson. “Residents can help by filling their organic waste containers first and keeping piles consolidated and away from storm drains.”

Residents who get City of Sacramento services must put out their final leaf piles on the streets by Monday, Jan. 23 for pick up.

City officials released a list of tips residents should keep in mind when dealing with excess debris from the storm:

  • Please fill your organic waste container (including branches and stumps) first before making a pile.
  • Branches must be cut into pieces that are three feet in length or less.
  • Place tree stumps that do not fit in the container in a separate pileaway from leaves and branches.
  • Piles should not obstruct water flowing to storm drains.
  • Piles should not be larger than four feet by four feet by nine feet (4’ x 4’ x 9’) per household, however, the City is temporarily making exceptions for larger piles with the current storm conditions. If your pile exceeds the requirements, please make another, separate pile.
  • Please keep piles out of bike lanes whenever possible.

Residents with large downed trees or an excessive amount of debris, as well as those who do not receive leaf season service from the City, can do the following:

  • Work with a landscaping service or a commercial hauler to clear the extra debris.
  • Contact a tree removal service.
  • Contact one of the regional facilities listed here to see if they are accepting tree debris from the public at this time and self-haul the material to the facility.

Residents should check their collection calendar regularly as collection days may change.

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