SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento State chapter of Delta Chi Fraternity was ordered to cease and desist all activity Friday, following the submission of an anonymous hazing video.

The eight-second video was sent to The State Hornet, the University's newspaper, and the Sacramento Bee, according to The State Hornet. 

"According to the anonymous source, the video shows a current member of Delta Chi being “kidnapped” in 2017," The State Hornet reports. "The video shows a man gagged and bound on a table as others hold their cellphones and laugh."

The fraternity has been on the University's radar since Jan. 26, when an anonymous allegation of hazing was sent in to university administration and The State Hornet. 

"The email included a picture, which the anonymous sender described as depicting 'Delta Chi members participating in a simulation of what appears to be ‘the elephant walk,’ a form of known hazing in fraternities,'" the State Hornet reported. 

The recently submitted video will be included in the University's investigation. 

School officials shared this release about the incident with ABC10: 


After receiving an anonymous allegation of hazing involving the Delta Chi fraternity on Jan. 26, the University immediately initiated an investigation, which is ongoing and now will include the charges raised by the video. 

On Friday, Feb. 8, the president of the Sacramento State chapter of Delta Chi was informed that the fraternity must cease and desist all activity. Failure to abide by that order could result in the immediate removal of recognition from the University. 

Delta Chi fraternity is cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

All campus Greek life organizations receive extensive hazing prevention training. Anyone with information about a possible act of hazing is encouraged to report the incident immediately to Student Organizations and Leadership at (916) 278-6595.


"We will expect all of your members to be forthcoming, cooperative, and not take any action that would interfere or disrupt our investigation into this matter," the University said in a letter to the fraternity. 

"Furthermore, verbal or physical harassment or intimidation of any participant in a student organization discipline matter would result in additional violations of the Student Organization Handbook and Student Code of Conduct."

The Sacramento chapter of the fraternity faces immediate removal of recognition from the University if it fails to comply with the investigation. 

More information about the student organization discipline process can be found in the Student Organization Handbook.

Under Penal Code 245.6, hazing is illegal in California.