A Sacramento tailor wants Sir Paul McCartney to know he has a suit waiting for him.

The Beatles song writer was a big inspiration to Peter Navine owner of Navin's suit shop.

"A hard days night... Been working like a dog... That's my moto," Navine said.

Navin says his business was built on the Beatles.

"They wanted to do something different," Navine said. "They were a little progressive and that's what I wanted to be."

In June of 1968, as Beatle mania peaked in the U.S. Peter opened his first tailor shop. The Beatles free spirit mentality became Navin's business model.

"They didn't conform to what was considered norm." Navin says he didn't conform to the norm either and that set his suit apart from other businesses in Sacramento.

Now Peter would like to return the favor to the Beatles. "I would love to do a suit for each and every one of them." If you read this Sir Paul... Peter Navin is ready to get your measurements.