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Frustrations with inflation, gas prices won't deter Sacramentans this holiday season

Drivers and flyers across Sacramento are feeling the crunch of rising inflation and gas costs, but remain undeterred from having the best Thanksgiving.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Travelers across Sacramento spoke with ABC10 about their frustrations with inflation and gas prices, but also said they hope to not let it get in the way of having the best possible Thanksgiving celebration.

Kristine Hernandez is saving money by staying local. A lot of her money went toward her recent surgery.

"My mom and I never really had a relationship, so this is the second time she's ever really cooked like a meal," she said. "And my brother lives with me and my niece, she's in the car, she'll be (going) with us too. The only thing that makes it not so special is my daughter is with her dad this year."

Less than a mile up the road, Raymond Costantino was charging his car for a trip to Oakland. His plan was to drive there and back without spending a single penny on gas.

"60-mile, 70-mile drive and it's an electric car. I did just get it, so I'm kind of excited about that," Costantino said. "It saves me on gas money, so I just charge it up here and I'm learning it as I go."

If you plan on heading toward the Bay Area, one driver advises departing in the morning when less cars are on the road.

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