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'There's something very terrible in history happening' | Sacramento's Ukrainian community rallies in solidarity

At the Spring of life Family Church in Orangevale, they say all the can do for now is pray.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento's Ukrainian community rallied in solidary at the capitol, hoping and praying that the conflict with Russia comes to an end.

These images and video coming out Ukraine are hard to watch for most people, but for members of the Sacramento Ukrainian community, it feels like a punch in the gut as they watch their home country come under attack.

"There's something very terrible in history happening," said Vlad Skots, chairman of Ukrainian American House.

Skots has several family members living in Ukraine, including his five brothers and parents. He said he's been in contact with them every few hours.

"As of today when you call to Ukraine families, they are hiding in the bomb shelters, so it's just terrible," he said. 

Several Ukrainian natives gathered in Roseville to show support for their home country. Nazar Borukh's wife is living in Ukraine. He said she currently has no way to escape the chaos.

"I'm feeling terrible, can you imagine your wife being on the other part of the world?" Borukh said.

For Igor Kravegs, the Russian invasion of Ukraine reminds him of how World War II started. 

"Ukrainian people will fight to death. They're never gonna give up," Kravegs said. 

However, many people fear the potential loss of thousands of lives. 

Vadym Gashkevych is the pastor of Spring of Life Family Church in Orangevale. It's one of the largest Ukrainian Baptist churches in California with over 900 members. He says about 75% of them have family members in Ukraine and says that, right now, all they can do is pray.

"We can ask God so God can keep Ukraine safe and give peace between these two countries," he said.


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