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Safe alternatives this 4th of July weekend

"Safest thing is doing something at home with your family," said Sacramento County's Public Health Director Dr. Peter Beilenson.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — So you're tired of staying cooped up inside the house and you're itching to go outside this weekend? Well, with most bars, restaurants, and places shut down due to the pandemic, there's not a lot of safe options.

Coronavirus cases have surged throughout Sacramento County and the state the last several days, prompting Governor Gavin Newsom to increase his restrictions in California.

Before we get to things you can do this weekend, let's talk about what you can't do. 

"The most dangerous, probably bars, which we now prohibited. And large gatherings of people in homes," Sacramento Health County Director Dr. Peter Beilenson explained. "Those are the two most dangerous."

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So if you can't hang out at bars or large gatherings, what options does that leave?

For one, Dr. Beilenson says it's OK to fly. So if you had plans to fly out of town this weekend, you should be safe.

"I think that flying is modestly safe," stated Dr. Beilenson. "Not very safe. But modestly safe, with masks, as long as there's not people right up against you."

And for those looking for something else to do than flying, you may be staring at them right now.

"What is by far the safest is doing something at home with your family that you normally stay at home with," stated Dr. Beilenson.

Keep in mind, Dr Beliensen also said it's okay to attend fireworks shows — if you actually find one — under one condition: Stay in the car the whole time.

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