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Culinary program at Salvation Army in Sacramento instilling pride in those changing their lives

Brandy Bisbee is not just a cook at the Salvation Army in Sacramento but also a graduate of their culinary program.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A program through the Salvation Army is aiming to give people the confidence and skills they need to take a new path in life.

For some, that journey begins with the Salvation Army of Sacramento's culinary arts training program. One graduate said she doesn't know where she'd be without the program and the professional cooking skills she learned from it.

“I’m feeling excitement, happy that I chose to go down a different path than I was because the path I was on, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here. I thank God for being here,” said Brandy Bisbee, a cook at the Salvation Army and a program graduate.

Brandy Bisbee's life before entering the program involved struggles with alcohol.

“It’s been a rocky road, but I’m making it,” she said.

The program welcomes people who have struggled with homelessness and substance abuse. Through the program, people develop kitchen skills to support meaningful jobs in local hospitality industries - all while instilling dignity and professionalism.

“The people that I work with really care about me and tell me how good I am and just make me feel wanted,” Bisbee said.

Captain Larry Carmichael, social services officer with the Salvation Army, said people are usually ready to go after four months in the program.

“We pair that with housing, if there’s a need for housing, we pair that with case management,” he added.

Thanks to Bisbee's training, she has a new sense of pride that helps keep her going.

The next round of classes starts Oct. 3. It's a 16-week program, 40-hours a week with bi-monthly enrollment. More information on the program can be found HERE. If you would like to donate to the Culinary Arts Training Program visit this webpage.


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