Update: Thanks to social media, Lucy has found a home! A family in Reno saw a video of her on Facebook and drove to Sacramento to adopt her. Have a love-filled life with your forever family, Lucy!

A Sacramento dachshund-mix is winning the internet this week and the more eyes on her the better since she’s looking for a forever home.

Lucy was paralyzed when a Good Samaritan brought her to the Front Street Animal Shelter after they found her in the street.

The shelter said it decided to let her try out a wheelchair, and boy did it bring out her personality.

She perked up and they decided to make a video of her for Facebook.

“Obviously a dog with her personality and spunk was an automatic sensation within the 24 hours her video has reached almost a million people,” said Bobby Mann, Front Street Animal Shelter Public Relations Coordinator

Mann said this is an example of how social media is giving animals like Lucy a second chance.

“A long time ago dogs like this would have never made it out of the shelter and now adopting special needs dogs in wheelchairs, three legged dogs, one eyed cats, it’s kind of the craze these days exclusive club if you’re saving those sort of dogs,” said Mann.

Lucy is available for adoption.

Mann said the family needs to be prepared to care for a special needs dog and she will likely need a custom wheelchair.