SACRAMENTO, Calif — Technology is on tap at many bars and clubs in Sacramento and this technology is used to make your experience safer.

"We've definitely kicked people out for sure. We like to create an environment where everyone can have a good time. Sometimes that doesn't happen, so in that case, we have to let people go," said Zach Dierdorff, manager at Lowbrau in Midtown.

Lowbrau is one of 30 bars in Sacramento that uses Patron Scan, a system that scans ID's and takes pictures of people before they are allowed inside. 

The City of Sacramento actually requires some venues to use this as part of its entertainment permit.

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"Currently, there are approximately 85 active entertainment permits throughout the city. Of those, about 30 require an ID scanner. Conditions are specific to each business. Generally, the city requires scanners for businesses based on the occupancy, location, if the venue has an ABC license and type of entertainment (e.g. DJ, live music, dancing, etc.). This is consistent with how the city determines the need for other conditions including, but not limited to, age restrictions, security and operating days/hours," said Tim Swanson, spokesperson for the city.

Lowbrau has been using this system for a few months now and says it's a success for them. 

"It works really well. It allows us to see who has been 86ed from other bars if their ID is valid or expired and it's a very useful tool in that sense," Dierdorff said.

People in the bar and restaurant industry use the term "86ed" when talking about someone being kicked out for good reason. To keep those people away, Patron Scan is used. It scans your ID to crosscheck a list of people who have been banned with the system.

The latest report from Patron Scan published on the tech website one-zero showed in May 2018, at least 1,100 people were on a ban list in Sacramento. These people were banned for a number of things including fighting, fake IDs, sexual assault, and stealing.

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"People like to go out and have a good time. As the place you go to, we want to make sure it's safe. You don't have to worry. Patron Scan helps eliminate that and deters that kind of behavior," Dierdorff said.

Some people don't agree with it, saying it's an invasion of privacy. Dierdorff said Lowbrau doesn't share anyone's information.

"It's very private in that sense. I don't know what the company does beyond that. it's out of our control," he added.

According to Patron Scan, "No lists are made of patrons, and no specific data is provided to any third parties outside of the Police, and venue staff who may be logging an incident and placing someone on the ban."

Police can request access to the database, but only when an official investigation has been launched. Your information is stored for 90 days at most.

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