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Stay healthy while beatin' the heat

An extremely hot Labor Day weekend brought many people outside looking to cool off.

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. — Even in the extreme heat, people got out this Labor Day to enjoy the outdoors. While people try to enjoy the outdoors on triple digit temperature days, Sacramento County Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye said it’s important to stay hydrated and limit time in heat.

"They should try to do those activities during the times that are cooler," Dr. Kasirye explained. "Either in the morning or later on in the evening."

Kyler Perry took his boat out to go fishing in the morning to try to beat out the harsh heat..

"Trying to catch some salmon," Perry from Sacramento said. "It wasn’t really happening, so now we’re getting out before it’s 111."

While some tried to beat the peak temperatures, others chose to spend the whole day outside. Daniel Navarit from West Sacramento spent the day outside to conserve energy in his home.  

"The only way to avoid the heat is to get out of the house," Navarit said. "Air conditioning gets kind of expensive, so we’re getting out to enjoy the weather outside and make the best of the day."

Despite excessive heat, Discovery Park was a popular cool off spot on Monday afternoon. The Sacramento River access provides beaches for sun-seekers to swim, barbecue and relax.  

Dr. Kasirye noted that when spending time in extreme heat, look out for signs of heat-related illness: Fatigue, dizziness, sweating profusely or when someone stops sweating altogether.

She also said to check in on friends and relatives who might be in the vulnerable category, like the elderly and children.

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