It was their thing: S.A.C. It stood for Sacramento. It stood for Stephon Alonzo Clark. And it also stood for Clark's family: Salena, Aiden, and Ciaro.

"We met in Sacramento," said Salena Manni, Clark's girlfriend. "So it has special meaning to us."

Clark was shot and killed Sunday night by two Sacramento Police officers. Police were responding to 911 calls of robbery reports in the area.

Clark's family said he was just trying to get into his grandmother's home, where he lived.

A spokesperson with Sacramento Police said Tuesday night the officers at the scene fired at Clark 20 times. He could not comment on how many times Clark was hit.

"He's not coming home to me no more," Manni said through tears. "He's really gone."

Manni has been with the man she lovingly knew as 'Zoe' for five years. She is heartbroken, especially for their two children, Aiden and Cairo.

"I have to wake up every morning to my kids asking me, 'Where's Daddy? Let's go get Daddy,'" Manni said. "'Daddy's always in our hearts forever. Don't forget that.' Even today, my son he doesn't understand hearts and tummies. He goes 'Daddy's with me. He's in my tummy.'"

Sacramento police initially said the two officers involved "feared for their safety," thinking Clark was armed. They later said the object the officers was a 'tool bar.'

The night after the shooting, police said they only found Clark's cellphone at the scene.

"I know for a fact he was so scared, scared for his life," said Manni. "He had too much to lose... he would never want to leave his kids."

Manni said Clark was the love of her life, but she didn't realize how much of an impact he had on other people.

"He has a lot of love out there," said Manni. "And I'm grateful for it."

Friends have started a memorial fund for Clark's family.

The Sacramento Police Department released the body cameras from the incident on Wednesday, Mar. 21. WARNING: The video contains graphic content and may disturb some viewers.

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