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Suspect's father assists Sacramento police officers in arresting his son

Sacramento police released a video of an incident where a man allegedly attacked officers and tried to take their guns before his father helped officers arrest him.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento police received help from a suspect's father in arresting him.

In a video released by the Sacramento Police Department from April 29, police officers were allegedly assaulted by Josiah Johnson, 24, while they attempted to arrest him.

Johnson was seen jumping the fence of someone's backyard in the 4500 block of Barbee Way off of Franklin Boulevard in Sacramento at about 1:15 p.m. on the 29th, according to a press release from Sacramento police. They said that he left the backyard before officers got there.

The owner of the house said that Johnson tried to open a door into her home.

Officers tried to contact Johnson when he returned to the area later. Police said that the conversation lasted about 15 minutes and he "lunged at the officers" multiple times and tried to run off at one point before he sat down on his own.

A man named Tyrone, identifying himself as Johnson's father, arrived shortly after the initial conversation with Johnson. According to the press release, when the male officer was talking to his father, "Johnson jumped up from a seated position and tackled the female officer." Both of them fell and Johnson's father attempted to help the female officer.

Police said that Johnson tried to take the officer's gun from her holster when he attacked her and also tried to take the male officer's gun when he tried to arrest him as well.

"I just couldn't believe what was happening out here," Tyrone Johnson said in a video posted by Sacramento police.

During the struggle to arrest Johnson, he bit his father's hand and leg, according to the release. Officers eventually tased Johnson and, with the help of his father, were able to handcuff him.

Per protocol, Johnson was taken to an area hospital by fire department personnel as a precaution and was treated for his injuries. He was booked in the Sacramento County Main Jail for felony resisting arrest charges that same day.

Johnson's father said that it was one of the most frightening days for him. He apologized to the officers for what his son did.

"I'm sorry this happened. I'm sorry this happened, not just with me, but with my child," he said. "Thank you for being strong and courageous and not doing what you should've done, probably, and shot that kid. I thank you for that."

One of the officers was taken to the hospital with minor injuries but has since been released.

“This incident demonstrates how quickly a routine call for service can escalate into a life-threatening situation for our officers,” Sacramento Police Department Chief Daniel Hahn said in the release. "Our officers remained professional and showed restraint throughout this violent encounter where a suspect attempted to take their firearms and the outcome could have been tragic. We are grateful that the suspect’s father assisted officers during the incident. This entire call for service demonstrates the dangers our officers can face on a daily basis, while also showing that we can come together as a community to show the compassion needed during these times."

To watch all of the videos from the arrest of Josiah Johnson, click HERE.

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