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'Swimmer's Syndrome' bulldog goes from shelter to forever home

Bueller the bulldog puppy was born with Swimmer’s Syndrome – a condition that left him unable to stand up on his own or walk.

Thanks to water therapy and a makeshift canine wheelchair, Bueller’s muscles strengthened and he learned how to walk. He also became Internet-famous, thanks to sites like The Dodo. The Sacramento SPCA, which was caring for Bueller, says his videos were viewed more than 2.5 million times.

The publicity meant there was plenty of interest when it came time to find a forever family for Bueller. But the SPCA staff knew they had to find someone special. All applicants were asked to write a letter, explaining why they were the perfect match for Bueller.

“It was actually a really hard essay for me. Because we had just lost our dog to cancer,” Lindsay Taylor, Bueller’s adoptive mother, said.

Taylor and her husband’s beloved bulldog Chubbs had died in December from cancer. At first, they didn’t think they were ready for another dog.

“But we have so much love to give – really to any animal, but Bueller just pulled at our heartstrings,” Taylor said.

Sacramento SPCA Communications Director Lesley Kirrene said the Taylors’ essay – and their love for bulldogs – stood out.

“When people have their dogs in their wedding, that always says something to us. They’re part of the family. And their dog Chubbs was definitely part of their family,” Kirrene said.

Taylor picked up Bueller on Friday, as soon as she and her husband had successfully puppy-proofed her home. She joked that her husband didn’t want Bueller sleeping in the bed … but that they probably wouldn’t be able to hold out for more than a night.

“He’s just a really strong little guy, and we’re just really excited to have him as our family member,” Taylor said.

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