An ancient form of martial arts could be the key to a long life.

Its working for a Sacramento woman who is turning 100 years old next week. She contributes her new found mobility to Tai Chi.

"I feel great! It makes me feel young and I am good at it," said Genevieve Byars.

Byars lost her mobility more than a decade ago.

"I used to be a real good dancer," Byars recalled.

In the 1950's she was a regular dancing audience member on the Lawrence Welk Show.

"I met a lot of boyfriends then, but they dint treat me right," Byars said. "Some got fresh!"

Byars' son Donny McCollum got her started on Tai Chi 4 years ago. Now she takes regular walks around the house. McCollum says his mom is getting so good at Tai Chi that he set up a punching bag for her.

Her birthday is on Monday. The goal is to celebrate by going dancing.