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Sacramento International Airport sees busy travel day on Thanksgiving

Travellers shared what they are thankful for on this Thanksgiving.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — While most places are closed on Thanksgiving day, the Sacramento International Airport was open for business as usual and saw no shortage of travelers flying in from all over the country to spend quality time with their families while celebrating the holiday. 

"We've flown in to have Thanksgiving dinner with our daughter who lives in Valley Springs," said Gretchen Leuenberger who flew in all the way from Indiana.

"Thanksgiving is all about having a nice dinner and hanging out with family that you haven't (seen) in a while," said Anna Torres-Gil who flew in to visit her parents and extended family members. 

For travelers like Torres-Gil and J.B. Dyragos who flew in from Las Vegas with his wife, things looked a lot different last Thanksgiving because of COVID-19 — but thankfully this year, their families are able to gather. 

"It's really good to be back into having a Thanksgiving with the full family," said Torres-Gil. 

"It's gonna be the first time we've all been together since probably January of last year, so it'll be good to see all of us together," said Dyragos.

Aside from plenty of Thanksgiving dishes to choose from, the travelers ABC10 spoke to on Thursday have plenty to be grateful for this year while being surrounded by loved ones. 

"I'm thankful for my beautiful daughter and that I'm alive living another year," said Jenice Hawkins who flew in from Seattle. 

"I'm grateful for life itself and family," said Elaine Tucker who flew in to visit family. 

For travelers heading back to the airport this weekend, the worst traffic on the roads is expected Sunday between 1 P.M. and 7 P.M.

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