If you like pumpkin pie, a Walnut Grove farmer is growing enough pumpkin to feed an army.

Rob Globus was one of the top contenders for the Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Offs.

"My biggest pumpkin to date was a 1,974 pound pumpkin," Globus said.

Over the past few year Globus has made a name for himself in the pumpkin growing world. In 2014 he won competitions in Elk Grove, Sana Rosa and Salinas. This year he took 5th place in the Safeway World Championships.

"I learned a lot this year," Globus said. "I think I will turn it around next year."

Globus is a serious grower and spares no expense on the right seeds, once spending $500 on one.

That may seem like a lot but most giant pumpkin seeds are donated to the charity and sold for top dollar.

The competition is mainly for bragging rights. Globus says there is not a whole lot you can do with a pumpkin of this size.

" I wouldn't really feed it to humans," Globus said. "We put a lot of products in it."

He says the pumpkins are not exactly "organic" and not the best for making pumpkin pie.

If a giant pumpkin grower is lucky, they may find a buyer. Just in case you are interested. Rob says the going rate ranges from 62 cents to a $1.29 a pound for a giant pumpkin. If you want to see one of these big pumpkins, you can go down to Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco to the check them out.