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Timeline: Crimes and arrest of alleged 'NorCal Rapist' Roy Charles Waller

There are a reported 10 victims across six California counties -- Sacramento, Yolo, Solano, Butte, Sonoma and Contra Costa.

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. — On Monday, Oct. 19, the trial for the alleged NorCal Rapist, Roy Charles Waller, begins in Sacramento

Over a 15 year period, Waller allegedly broke into dozens of homes late at night, forced victims to withdraw money from ATMs and often sexually assaulted victims. 

There are a reported 10 victims across six California counties -- Sacramento, Yolo, Solano, Butte, Sonoma and Contra Costa -- who have likely been awaiting this trial for decades. 

Here is a timeline of crimes attributed to the NorCal Rapist, and Waller's subsequent arrest:

Rohnert Park, June 1991

The first attack occurs in the summer of 1991 in Rohnert Park, a small city outside of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County. The victim is raped repeatedly and threatened with a handgun.

Sonoma, Dec. 1991

The second attack occurs just 6 months later, also in Sonoma County.

Vallejo, Feb. 1992

The day before Valentine's Day, another attack occurs. The victim is kidnapped, sexually assaulted and raped.

Martinez, Oct. 1996

A victim is attacked on Halloween night in Contra Costa County.

Woodland, Nov. 1996

An incident in Woodland becomes the first of three cases in Yolo County.

Davis, Jan. 1997

Two women are kidnapped and assaulted in their apartment in Davis.

Chico, July 1997

The NorCal Rapist allegedly kidnaps a victim in Butte County and holds her for ransom. The victim is sexually assaulted, however, Butte County DA says they have DNA evidence from this crime because the victim stabbed her attacker in the arm, spilling so much blood that the attacker couldn't clean up the crime scene. 

Davis, July 2000

A third woman is attacked in Davis in the summer of 2000. 

Sacramento, Oct. 2006

After six years of silence, a final attack against two victims is reported in North Natomas, Sacramento. This case is the final incident attributed to the NorCal Rapist.

Sacramento, Sept. 11, 2018

A suspect linked by DNA as a positive match for the DNA profile of the "NorCal Rapist" and linked directly to the 2006 sexual assault.

Sacramento, Sept. 18, 2018

Sacramento County District Attorney's office files felony complaint against Roy Waller, charging 12 counts of forcible sexual assault for two victims in 2006 case.

Berkeley, Sept. 20, 2018

Roy Charles Waller, of Benicia, 58 at the time, is arrested in Berkeley for crimes attributed to the NorCal Rapist. He was employed at UC Berkeley for decades. 


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