The tiny home movement isn't new in Sacramento.

Several developers in the region, including Taynr, specialize in using shipping containers. Robyn Davis is having hers built now.

"Most people think it's awesome and it's so cool," Davis said. "It's kind of trendy right now and then my parents think I'm crazy."

Her tiny home is on wheels. It's an old shipping container that carried small office and desk accessories from Hong Kong to the Bay Area. In a few weeks her home will be ready to move in.

"My house was 1200 square feet and I didn't use 80 percent of it and it just made more sense for me and Rupert (dog)," Davis said.

It's a minimalist lifestyle that's spreading.There is a tiny town community in the works off of Rio Linda Boulevard.

It will be fenced off. There will be 50 homes, a community center and some parking since there are no garages.

"We're also looking at people who live in big homes who are looking to downsize and because they're downsizing they want a nice affordable place to live," said Charlie Tiwana with New Faze Development.

A home like Davis's starts at $58,000. It isn't exactly cheap but it's more affordable than an average home.