Twin brothers were arrested Monday morning for stabbing and seriously injuring their parents in North Sacramento.

The stabbing followed a fight between the 26-year-old twins, Kevin and Cody Martinez, and their parents on Sunday night, Sacramento Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Justin Brown said.

The incident happened at an apartment complex on Los Robles Boulevard off Marysville Boulevard, near Del Paso Heights.

Family members describe the family as "very dysfunctional."

"We pray that they get their lives straightened out. We thought they were on that road," said a family member who wanted to remain anonymous.

Family members say the man stabbed was the brothers' stepfather and that the relationship between them was always rough.

However, they say they do not believe there was any malicious intent involved.

"This was just something gone horribly wrong," said the family member. "I know there was no intent of killing anybody or hurting anybody. I don't know what anybody had a knife for."

Family members also emphasized that the two young men loved their mother.

"They'd do anything for her," said the family member. "I assume they were protecting their mother somehow...and she got in the middle of it."

The Martinez brothers are being charged with attempted homicide.

Police say they ran away on Sunday night and were arrested Monday morning at a park down the street from the scene.

The parent victims were taken into a local hospital. Police say they are in serious but stable condition. Family members say they had surgery on Monday.