"Be kind. Rewind." That’s a saying you don't hear very often anymore.

The last VCR was made in July 2016 and that's when a Sacramento TV and VCR repair man started thinking about retirement. He will be closing his shop in a few weeks and he is not sure what to do with all his parts and supplies.

"These days everything is disposable. It’s cheaper to buy new things than repair it." said Patrick Ho, owner of AVA Audio Visual on Broadway.

When the repairman first opened his shop in 1972, he remembers competing with 15 different electronic repair shops in Sacramento.

"Now there is only a hand full of us." said Ho.

The 68-year-old is having a hard time finding parts for older electronics. It’s difficult to serve the few clients he has which is mostly the elderly who are not willing to learn how to use newer electronics.

"I get a few people like musicians that come in. They have electronics with sentimental value. Not much though." said Ho.

The art of soldering and electronic repair is a dying trade. These days your cell phone can do the job of all the hardware in Ho's shop.

When AVA's doors close next month all of the store’s inventory will be sold off or recycled.

"It will be hard, but I look forward to traveling." said Ho.

So, if you have any broken relics from the past you may want to get them looked at before Ho presses the stop button for the last time.