Two thieves drove through a roll up door at a Sacramento warehouse, stole gardening material and then escaped with the loot within 2 minutes – the entire incident was captured on surveillance video.

The theft happened around 2:40 a.m. Thursday at the KY Garden Supply warehouse on Elder Creek Road.

The video shows two masked suspects jumping out of a white van marked with "Allen Bradley Company," a computer networking hardware business, and going to the fertilizer. At least one of the suspects knew where to go immediately.

"It looked like one of them did because they ran straight to a specific type of nutrient and right back to the car," KY Garden Supply Supervisor Heather Padilla said. "The one on the driver's side seemed to be a little confused when he came in because he ran out and in a circle."

Just two minutes after backing the van into the door and apparently not checking for a safe or a register, the suspects jumped back into the van, headed out into the parking lot and drove away from the scene.

According to Padilla, the only items taken were the soil nutrients, grow lights and reflectors. Was this heist for an indoor marijuana grow?

"It's is a potential," Padilla said. "People do unfortunately use that for indoor grows of that type of operation, but if I had to guess -- with how much they took, that's probably what they were trying to do."

Anyone with information about the crime or know the whereabouts of a white van marked with "Allen Bradley Company" that has damage to the back and top, is urged to call the Sacramento Police Department.