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Video shows woman hanging from moving car and being dragged along road in Sacramento

Sacramento Police Department said a video making rounds on Reddit was real and showed a woman hanging from a car door.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A startling video of what appeared to be a person dangling from a car door in Sacramento was confirmed to be real by Sacramento police.

The video was taken and posted by Reddit user TheKuMan717 in the Idiots in Cars subreddit around 12:45 p.m. Sunday at the intersection of Folsom Boulevard and Alhambra Boulevard.

It shows a car taking a right turn as a person clings to the door and is dragged along the roadway. The poster, who asked ABC10 to use their Reddit username, told ABC10 that they saw the person dangling from the car and that a security guard quickly turned around to give chase. (The Reddit post title references 2021 but the poster told us that is a typo.)

WARNING: The following video contains content that might be difficult for some to watch.

ABC10 reached out to the Sacramento Police Department to learn more about the video and confirm whether it actually showed what it appeared to show. 

Police linked the video to calls that came in around noon along the 3200 block of O Street. Police got reports of a woman holding onto the door of a moving car.

Police said officers were ultimately able to contact the woman in the video, who they said appeared to be in a mental health crisis. She was left with abrasions from the incident and later taken to the hospital for treatment and for a mental health evaluation.

It's not clear what led up to the incident or what exact role the car played leading up to the video. In response to an ABC10 inquiry, police said the driver has not been found at this time.

If there is more information regarding the incident, police said they would like to speak with the driver.

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